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Dates for Scrip orders for the Month of December are: December 2nd, 9th, and 16th.  Orders are due by noon on Thursday.  There will be no Scrip on December 23rd and 30th, and will resume on January 6th, 2022.  


The School District of North Fond du Lac is offering Scrip!

Your family has the opportunity to earn money  as well as fundraise just by making your regular household purchases at the stores/restaurants you already visit. 

You will be using the gift cards that you purchase through Scrip to pay for items you would normally purchase.

Scrip gift cards are the same gift cards you would purchase from retailers but you will earn money by purchasing these gift cards from Scrip to pay for your purchases.

Businesses are added to the list every week-Please check her weekly for your updated order form.

How Do I Place An Order?

Forms will are available on the website.

Check over the order form and find establishments where you usually shop, dine or purchase gifts. fill in the amounts of the certificates you want to order, and enclose a check made payable to NFDL Scrip for the amount of your total order. Send your order form and check Attn: Sara to the District Office (1115 Thurke Ave) or to your child's school office by Thursday of that week by 9:00am.

When Can I Pick Up My Scrip Gift Cards/Certificates?

Your certificates will be available for pick up at the District Office 10 days later on Mondays from 7:30 - 3:30. Or if you would like us to send them home with your child, please indicate this on the form.

How Do I Earn Profits?

80% of the "profit" of your purchases will go into your FAMILY account  The "profit" is the percentage shown next to each vendor on the order form. The more you use Scrip the more you will have in your family account!

Where Is The Other 20% Go?

The District will put 20% of the profit into a music/sports/club fund to provide opportunities for our students, musicians and athletes.

For more information or any questions please contact

Sara at

Now SCRIP reimbursements are easier than ever! In the past, SCRIP profits could be redeemed for school-related fees. Beginning immediately, you can use your SCRIP profits for anything! You no longer need to turn in receipts! Simply complete a reimbursement form found here. Submit the form to the District Office and we will process your request Minimum reimbursement is $10.00 (unless you are closing your account)

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